Le Blanc is a non-linear full length play with elements of music, art distillation, light design, and dance. Our show follows the rags to riches (back to rags) autobiography of the world infamous, unapologetically Black, openly queer, political, and talented (fictional) character of Wellington "Isyss" Le Blanc. 


Through a series of interviews and vignettes, we explore Wellington's life from his humble beginnings as a motherless child in the Foster/Adoption system of California, to his sexy exploits as a serial monogamist with a diverse selection of male and female lovers, all the way through his unconventional outlook and relationship with  HIV/AIDS, and right into his underground rise to notoriety on the NYC gay ballroom scene as a member of the “House Of Le Blanc”. What lies beyond his rise to mainstream success as a commercial dancer will be sure to shock as audiences witness his metamorphosis into an infamous public figure and "criminal".  


The show explores race, intimacy, sexuality, relationships, as well as our American judicial, health care, and law enforcement systems from a Black, All American, queer perspective.  


Le Blanc was a selection for the Negro Ensemble Company's Emerging Playwright Festival 2016, did brief developmental residency with The Muse in Brooklyn back in 2013, and most recently had very successful set of preview performances at La Mama Theatre in NY, NY and BRIC ARTS MEDIA in BK in 2016/2017.

From the producers of the upcoming full length feature Shades Of Queer, The Off Off Broadway show Colours, and the critically acclaimed BRIC ARTS MEDIA TV series SubUrban Underground, we present Le Blanc.


Come and join The House! Life is a ball...




The Company:

Qwalee Summers (AKA Dj StereOtype) - Wellington

LisaRoxanne Walters - Camille

Onkar Singh Dhindsa - Adrien/Ensemble

Kenyon L. O'Brien- Harry/Ensemble/Dancer

Nick Bidan- Jeremiah/Ensemble

Josie Bustamante - Hasseen/Ensemble


Luiji Massanga- Stefano

Breezy Leigh- Bambi/Ensemble/Dancer

Samantha Randolph - Sarah/Ensemble/Dancer


Guerdley Cajus - Dancer/Ensemble/Choreographer


Corey Brandford - Dancer/Ensemble

Kalen Rae Garnett - Ensemble/Dancer

The Production Team:

Written By: Qwalee Summers (AKA Dj StereOtype)
Directed By: LisaRoxanne Walters and Qwalee Summers (AKA
Dj StereOtype)

Acting Coaching: Breezy Leigh

Choreographer: Qwalee Summers & Guerdley Cajus

Front Of House Stage Manager: Zjana Ray

Back Of House Stage Manager: Staci J. Faye

Sound Design/Tech: Kassy Rivera

PR: Daniel Demello


Qwalee Summers

LisaRoxanne Walters

Joseph Bryant

© 2019 by House Of Le Blanc (c)